• Discover Knowledge: Explore topics. Ask questions. Start a discussion.
  • Learn New Skills: Join a global study group and go beyond online classes.
  • Build Expertise: Find a learning project, join a team and apply your skills.
  • Gain Experience: Work on real world projects and even get paid!
  • Be Discovered: Build credentials and share your success with the world.

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How ServeLife Works


Learn Discover New Knowledge

All content is generated by ServeLife members. Content is tagged, aggregated and curated to enable easy search and quick access to ServeLife's expanding body of knowledge. Follow topics of interest and we'll keep you up to date via live streams of relevant content.


Master Collaborate to Learn

Join with others from around the world and work together to accomplish objectives and achieve project success. Learn from those who have the skills you seek. Contribute your knowledge and mentor others as they develop expertise. Better yourself while helping the world around you.


transform Transform into Expertise

Learn with a purpose and convert knowledge into real-world experience through active participation. All contributions and feedback gained drive your ServeLife reputation and influence rankings. So go ahead! Pick yourself. Take control of your destiny. Be discovered for your expertise.

Learn. Master. Build Real-World Experience.

Step 1: Discover Your Passion

  • Web Development Coming Soon
  • Mobile Development
  • JavaScript Development
  • Big Data
  • Tech Startup
  • Web Design
  • Machine Learning

Step 2: Learn New Skills

  • Python Coming Soon
  • Ruby on Rails Coming Soon
  • Meteor
  • Node.js
  • Hadoop
  • HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript Coming Soon
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Lean Startup Coming Soon

Step 3: Shift Learning into Action

  • Build a HTML website
  • Build a mobile-ready website
  • Build a dynamic website
  • Build an authentication service
  • Build a web crawler service
  • Build a social network app

Step 4: Build Real Experience

  • Contribute on the ServeLife Project
  • Pet Rescue Website
  • Pet Adoption Mobile App
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Big Data Analytics Project
  • On-Demand Video Learning App
  • Natural Language App Project

About Us

Our mission isn't to change the world. Instead we endeavor to equip those who will.

Tired of waiting on someone else to give us opportunities, we chose to take control of our destiny. We needed a better way to acquire knowledge, a catalyst to convert knowledge into real-world expertise and access to mentors and coaches to guide us along the way. Out of these needs, ServeLife was created.

Our focus is to build a global community of initiators that seek to transform knowledge into expertise to better themselves and those around them. Our technologies and solutions target those who love to learn/try/discover and do/build/create.

Alan Ruth
Alan Ruth


Anubhav Sinha
Anubhav Sinha


Alan is ServeLife's founder and creator of the organization's vision. He leads the execution of the venture's business plan and realization of its technology applications. Alan brings over 17 years of diverse technology leadership within start-ups, consulting, corporate IT and high growth enterprises.

Anubhav is ServeLife's co-founder and technology leader. He leads the development of the venture's recommendation, influence algorithms in addition to applying machine learning to evaluate skill development. Anubhav is a programmer by profession with a strong background in web application engineering and machine learning.